Online meeting with two US official representatives


With: Mr. Douglas Morrow – a cultural attaché from the US Embassy in Prague, Mrs. Mariel Tavakoli – a student adviser from the Fulbright Advising Center (Prague)

Date: May 21, 2020

On May 21, we had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Douglas Morrow, a cultural attaché, and Mrs. Mariel Tavakoli from the Fulbright Advising Center. The lecture took place as a video conference on the ZOOM application, where we all met together. 

Mr. Morrow told us about the US Embassy in Prague but especially about his life as a diplomat, his duties and why he had chosen such a profession. 

Mrs. Tavakoli presented to us the differences between a Czech university and an American university. Also she told us about how to apply for an American college and other information related to studying in the US. 

Although I had already had some information related to American high schools because I was interested in this topic, I also learned some new things. For example that I can contact the Fulbright Advising Center and get advice free of charge on which university would suit me best.

I found the meeting very interesting and helpful.

Andrea Schneeweiss, 1.A